Day 10

I love stuffed animals. I have my whole life. To this day, I still have a slew of stuffed animals on the bed of our guest room. So, when I saw the little stuffed hedgehog today, I just had to get him. Isn’t he just precious!?

I also did quite a few other things today. The middle picture at the top is of the nifty case I got for the hard drive of my old laptop. So now I still have everything from my old laptop. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!

The last picture at the top is of my hubby’s new laptop. It’s the first brand new laptop that he’s ever got. He’s always just got pass-me-down’s. He is quite happy with it. 😉 I find it funny now that I have a Mac & he has a PC.

The picture at the bottom is of the stuff I got at Hobby Lobby.  I will be making a couple yarn wreaths & coasters with the fabric. The hot glue gun refills I just needed. And the reed diffusers were on sale. YAY!

Now the rest of my day will be sitting in from of the TV watching movies on Netflix. 😉


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