Day 14

It snowed over night last night. It wasn’t a lot. Not what we are use to this time of year. But it snowed none the less. Had to get a picture with it & my lovely houndstooth boots.


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  1. eyewearme says:

    I just came from back from a trip to Ohio and it was snowing I felt like a little kid in a candy store, the residents of Ohio however could easily see that I wasn’t from Ohio. This pic reminds me of how simply a snow flake could make someone ones day. Love the simplicity of the pic!

  2. eyewearme says:

    P.s Where did you get your boots?

    1. candid365 says:

      They were actually a birthday gift a couple years ago. And I have no idea where they were from. Maybe try do a search online for hound tooth boots?

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