Day 26

So. I’ve been watching all the season of Doctor Who for the last couple of weeks. I’ve watched seasons 1-4 three times each. And the first 7 episodes season 5 once. But I had not seen anything beyond that. Yesterday I finished up season 5 & started season 6. I actually had to buy the season 6 from iTunes because it wasn’t on Netflix yet.

ANYWAYS. I watch the first 7 episodes of season 6  from last night to today. And the 7th episode revealed somewhat of a SHOCKING revelation as to who Dr. River Song is. It was EPIC! I was freaking out! Laughing, crying, and freaked out my hubby with my reaction. I watched this specific scene four times before I could actually move on from the shock. hahaha


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ronni says:

    I remember that feeling. I cried. I’ve always loved her but now it’s beyond.

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