Day 68

After my friend Shey picked me up from the airport at 12:45 am, when I got in to Phoenix, I stayed the night at her house. We didn’t go to bed till 3:30 am and got back up at 7:30 am. haha

At 9 we loaded her stuff and her friend truck with all the stuff we needed to Creative Estates, then headed to the airport to pick up people.

I was finally able to meet my friend Kashoan & made new friends as well.

Thus started our two hour trip to Flagstaff.

On the way out of Phoenix we got in to the discussion of who had ever had In-N-Out burger before. I had always wanted to go & several people had never been. Suffice to say, we stopped there for lunch. I was SOOOOO good!!! WHy can’t there be one closer to us?!?!?! 😦

Anyways, we ate in the car & continues our drive up to Flagstaff. The drive was BEAUTIFUL!

When we got to the house where the retreat was being held, we all stood in awe. It was huge & beautiful! I loved it!!

That night we all just mingled and had cupcakes & cocktails. THough there was other food too, but Cupcakes & Cocktails was the theme. 😉 There was this yummy salad that we had that I just loved! I definitely need to ask my friend for the recipe. 😉

By the end of the night I was exhausted. I had also started to get sick with a sinus infection earlier in the day. So that added to it. Boo. But I did have a great nights sleep!

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