“Know How Blessed You Are”

I’ve always been that person who has let how they feel affect what they do. Emotionally & physically.

Having been through the things I have been through the last 5 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about not letting things affect me. Granted, some thing should affect you, but some shouldn’t.

So, tonight I did Turbo Fire, Fire Class 45. At the end Chalene Johnson says, “Know how blessed you are to be able to work this hard!” It really struck me how true that statement is!

You see, something happened to me almost 3 years ago that made me seriously question whether I would be able to be able to work out again. I had an SVT (Super Ventricular Tachachardia) attack that caused my heart to beat 220 a minute. And because of that I was put on a beta blocker and have been on it ever since. Even when all tests came back saying my heart was fine, I still worried. Knowing what I know now, I believe it was brought on by extreme stress. But it made me scared of would happen to my heart if I exercised. Silly right? Because exercise is suppose to be good for your heart. Even my Doctor said it would be fine to exercise. But I was still scared.

My health was affected. I got sick SEVEN times last year! SEVEN! I had NEVER been sick that much!

It took me TWO YEARS to finally get to the point where I tried to exercise again! When I exercised for the first time in January, I cried. And that was with Pilates. I cried again when I worked up to doing Turbo Jam again (it had been 3 years at the point since I had done it).

And I cried again when I did Turbo Fire for the first time. I had had Turbo Fire since it first came out. I actually was going to try selling in a year or so ago, because again I thought I would never be able to use it. I am now SO SO glad I never tried selling it! Because I LOVE it!

And I am at the point where when my heart is beating fast during a workout, I know it’s good for me! And I know there is nothing wrong with me!

And I love sweating! It’s my best friend! 😀

So back to tonight and a little TMI, today was the second day of Mother Nature’s monthly visit. And in the past I usually was zapped of all of my energy. Not today! Like I said earlier, I did Fire 45 and burned all my energy! And you know what?!




So YES! I do know how blessed I am to be able to work hard at exercising!! 🙂


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