Make-Up Review: Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!}


Who loves trying new products? Especially make-up! I know I do! That’s why I was so excited when I received Olay’s Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} complimentary from Influenster. I would also like to say that their’s is the first BB Cream I’ve ever used and let me tell you, I am definitely a fan!

I would like to share WHY I am a fan of Olay’s Fresh Effects {BB Cream!}. Now, I’m not a fan of where a ton of make-up. I don’t use foundation and powders. I do use concealer and blush though. And of course mascara and even eye shadow sometimes. But most of the time I use a moisturizer with SPF & mascara. Especially during the summer when I am photographing a wedding and am outside a lot and don’t like to be bogged down with a lot of make-up.

So when I learned all what Olay’s Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} does, I couldn’t WAIT to use it! The two biggest thing that I was excited about was the SPF 15 and the tinted moisturizer. But it’s not just any tinted moisturizer, it smoothed out your whole face. I even used it as a concealer and it worked perfectly to brighten up my eyes (not to mention my whole face)! I was also pleasantly surprised by the fresh scent it has. It doesn’t have a make-up smell to it. It made my skin super soft. It kept me face moisturized for 24 hours like it said it would. Even after a wedding day, it made face still felt as fresh as when I first put it on and not nasty like it typically did from just a regular moisturizer. And have I mentioned my quick it makes my make-up process? It literally takes me 5 minutes or less! All because everything I need is in one tube and all i have to do is rub it on my face!

Here is a ‘Before & After’ photo I took when I first tried it. I have since used the {BB Cream} several more times and just love it. Also, there is no filter on these photos.



I will definitely be buying more of Olay’s Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} when I run out. I also want to try more products from their Fresh Effects skincare line. It all looks great! Great job, Olay, on such a great product line!

You can learn more about the whole Olay Fresh Effects skincare line by going to their website:

You can also purchase Olay Fresh Effects from their website or from Amazon.


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