Review: Influenster Sargento Ultra Thin Vox Box

I received my third Influenster Vox Box on April 14, 2014. This is my third Vox Box! I love doing these SO much! It’s always SO much fun! I mean who doesn’t like receiving free products to review? As for the fact that the whole box is about CHEESE????? If you know me at all, you know I LOVE cheese!!! And cheese that is low in calories with multiple varieties of flavors available??? HECK YEAH!!!

In my Vox Box there was a cute lunch bag with colorful polka dots and two vouchers. One for a FREE package of the Sargento Ultra Thin cheese and one to save $1 off a package of the same cheese.

When I recorded my unboxing, I honestly was not expecting to a lunch bag AND a coupon along with the vouch. I just knew for sure that I was getting a voucher for a free package of cheese to review. The other two things were just a pleasant surprise.


After I got the Vox Box, I wasn’t able to go the store until a couple days after to get my free package. And when I did go to the store I almost forgot to get it. LOL That would have been smart right? I got mine at my local Meijer store.


 After I got my first free package, I went back a couple days later to use my $1 off coupon. By the way, these are my two favorites. I know I probably should have gotten something different than what I typically purchase, but I just love them so much!


One of the first things I made with the Cheddar-Jack cheese was a multi grain wrap with chipotle season turkey breast deli meat and fresh spinach heated up in the microwave. And a side of half an apple-pear. It was SO tasty!


The second thing I made were lettuce wraps! using the same chipotle seasoned turkey breast deli meat, the cheddar jack, tomatoes, and yogurt salsa ranch, with a side of baby pickles.


Unfortunately I can’t show everything I did with all the cheeses, because I did a lot of snacking on just cheese alone. Like I said, I LOVE CHEESE! haha

I think one if my favorite things I made was the Cinnamon, Cheddar, & Pear Panini. I got the recipe off of the Sargento website. I used cinnamon swirl bread instead of cinnamon raisin, the cheddar-jack cheese instead of the sharp cheddar, and an Anjou pear instead of a Barlett pear. What I loved most about it was the flavors all blended together so nicely! Not to mention it was fairly quick to make. This sandwich also sparked my latest fruit obsession of pears!


When it came to being able to use the lunch bag that I received, I got a little creative. Because I work from home a lot, I don’t have chance to pack a lunch like other people do. So, every now and then I like to make my lunch ahead of time and then put it in the lunch bag and have an extra fun lunch time in unpacking my lunch. One of my favorites was a low carb multi grain wrap with turkey breast, lettuce, the provolone cheese, avocado, and a side of veggie chips.


Lastly, being a kid at heart and being asked to be creative and play with my food, what better thing to create than a camera (I mean, hello?? I’m a professional photographer!) with the provolone cheese?


So, that concludes my Influenster Sargento Ultra Thin Vox Box. I do want to reiterate that everything in the box box was received complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.


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