2014 in Review

As I sit here in bed unable to sleep (oh the joys of insomnia) on the morning of the last day of the year, I can’t help but think of everything that has happened this year.

This year started celebrating a friends wedding. Man, was that fun, but this year I will be asleep in bed before it turns midnight. haha That’s just my life lately.

It then turned into a recording breaking winter of snow and extreme cold. It was pretty miserable and everyone was ready for the warmth once it came.

We got to see my family in Minnesota in February. That was SO much fun having everyone together! But that visit also brought a stomach virus and a cold. lol

Then in June & July we finally got some possible answers as to why I have not been able to get pregnant. And the birth of my youngest nephew, whose birth I had the honor of witnessing and photographing.

The beginning of August brought the news that I had a tumor on my pituitary gland and was most likely the reason why I have not gotten pregnant. I then started medication to lower my prolactin levels. All the while trusting God that He is in control.

All the while, we had a very busy wedding photography season. I love my job!

September brought another friends wedding. And at the same place that me and my husband got married. It was a fun filled evening! The month also brought the disappointment of another month of not getting pregnant. But it also brought a more relaxed mindset that we will get pregnant when the time is right. Again, God is in control.

October brought beautiful weather and one of my favorite shooting (photographing) times of the year. And some (at the time) confusing symptoms that I thought were me about to have that time of the month (sorry, TMI I’m sure…but hey, it’s a part of the story, lol). We also had our family photos taken. And little did we know that we would find out some life changing news later that same day. I still find it funny that I had my last alcoholic beverage only a few hours before that fateful pregnancy test.

October also brought two back to back photography related trips with mom-in-law that will probably be our last for a long time. That last one was bittersweet as it was in Chicago. That was our third time in Chicago for an engagement shoot. It was so much fun. Even if I was SO tired from first trimester exhaustion. lol

The END of October brought the BEGINNING of horrible nausea. But I gladly welcomed it as it was a sign that everything was on track. 🙂

The end of October and beginning of November brought our road trip to Kansas City to see the Chiefs play. Then to Minnesota to see my family.

The end of November brought Thanksgiving and announcing the pregnancy to extended family with the shirt below. I loved everyones reactions!


Now, A LOT has happened in December!

This month started with us FINALLY getting to see our sweet baby bunny! It was SO amazing to see the baby moving around and to see the heart beating. It made everything so surreal!


That was also the day we announced on Facebook that we are having a baby. And the day that I posted the previous blog on here. The amount of love we felt from everyone was just amazing and so very humbling!

This month also brought our last wedding anniversary before baby, my 30th birthday, AND turning 14 weeks (ON my birthday!).

It brought our last Christmas of just the three (this is including Molly) of us. But it also brought some amazing Christmas gifts that had to do with our sweet baby! ❤ IMG_0249

The end of this month has brought brought my 15th weeks of pregnancy and pregnancy nasal congestion. lol But like I said before, I will gladly take the symptoms because that tells me I have extra hormones because I am carrying our sweet baby.

All that being said, I have SO many things I looking forward to in 2015.  Finding out the gender of our baby bunny, going to Nashville with my mom-in-law, my husband’s Aunt & Uncle’s Vow Renewal, my baby shower, lots of friends having babies as well, and then of course to birth of our little one and being a mommy to him or her.

I am so very thankful for all that God has blessed us with this year. I cannot thank Him enough and I don’t think I ever will be able to thank Him enough. I am also thankful for the hard times as well. Because those time have formed us (me and my husband) into the people God has created and is still creating us to be.

The last thing I would like to say has to do with my words for 2015. I have a journal that I have written my words of the year in the last couple of years. In 2013 my words were were “faith” and “action”. That was the year I started to get healthy. In 2014, my words were “hope” and “anticipation”. Boy did those words really apply to this year. This year my words are “faithfulness” and “reverence”.

I hope everyone has a very blessed 2015!

Oh and the next time I post on here, we will be revealing the gender of Baby K! So stay tuned! 😀




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