It’s a…

Yesterday was a big day for us.

Not only did OSU win the National Championship, but most importantly we found out the gender of our sweet baby.

No one but me and the hubby knew when we were finding out. It drove everyone crazy not knowing when we were finding out. 😛 But we held our ground and didn’t tell anyone. (And I’m not going to lie it was kind of fun! haha)

So, I’ve have always had a feeling we would be having a girl first. To the point where we called the baby a ‘she’ or ‘her’ whenever we would refer or talk to the baby.

But honestly, all we have ever wanted was a happy and healthy bay. No matter the gender.

The few days leading up the ultrasound I had a little thought in the back of my mind that maybe we were going to be having a boy and not a girl. But I ignored it because of the strong feelings I had for the baby being a girl.

Come the day of the ultrasound I was just ready to find out if our little one was a boy or a girl.

When the ultrasound tech started trying to find the gender, baby wasn’t showing us anything. But then then she was able to find the money shot…



Yep! After thinking we were going to have a girl the whole time, WE ARE HAVING A SWEET BABY BOY!!!!!!

Both me and hubby were like “WHAT??” LOL But deep down, I’m not really surprised. Does that make sense?

I immidiately wanted to tell everyone, but wanted to tell immediate family first before we posted it to social media.

We told family members through out the day through phone calls and FaceTime. With our FaceTime calls I wore the baby skeleton shirt that I wore on Thanksgiving and put a baby blue felt bow tie near the neck.


And then later in the evening when we were seeing hubby’s family I wore the shirt to announce it to them.  I loved everyones reactions!

Now that I’ve had a day to really realize that we are having a boy, I swear I am so much more emotional. It’s just an amazing feeling KNOWING our sweet baby is a boy! A lot of my thoughts today are that I want to be the mommy God has created me to be for our baby boy. I want to be a Godly example for him. I want to teach him how much God loves him. I want to teach him how to be a gentleman. And so much more!

I feel like your whole mindset changes once you find out the gender of your baby. For the better, of course!

God has definitely been and is continuing to prepare us to be this little guys parents. And I hope and pray we are the Godly parents that He created us to be!

Now that everyone knows we are having a boy, I know a lot of people are going to be wondering about his name.

His name is Ellison Joseph. We will be calling him EJ. Already have, actually! 🙂

Ellison is after my Grandpa’s middle name and Joseph after so many men in my hubby’s family (mainly his Grandfather). So, his name is very much rooted in family and very special to us. 🙂

It is VERY hard to put my feelings and the love I already have for our little man, EJ, into words. So I hope everything made sense.


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  1. I felt the same way when I found out about Aidan! But I love my boy so much. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you’ll be fine. Congrats!

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