Halfway There

Today I had my 20 week appointment. Can I just say, I love my Dr? She makes everything so easy and smooth, and she is real with you. She’s the best!  And of course I always love hearing EJ’s heartbeat! It’s such a sweet, sweet sound! ❤ I could listen to it all day!

I still can’t believe I am walkway through my pregnancy. It just feel like it is going by do fast now. And I have to say, I very much enjoying my second trimester so far.

Since my last post (at 17 weeks), EJ has definitely become more active. A lot more movement, kicking, and hiccuping. I LOVE feeling him move! It’s such an amazing feeling! It still blows my mind that there is life growing inside me, and that little life is moving, and kicking. And of course growing more and more!

It’s also amazing seeing my body change and my tummy get bigger and bigger. Here is a side by side comparison from 17-20 weeks.


Some days I just want EJ to hurry and grow inside me so that he can be more and we can finally meet hime. And some days I’m just so nervous about him being born and being a Godly mother to him. But then God gives me a peace that this is exactly where I suppose to be. He created me to be a wife, a mother, a daughter, an Aunt, a daughter-in-law, a friend, a photographer, and most importantly,God’s child. It’s such a humbling thought.

God has taught me so much through my pregnancy so far. And I know He is going to teach me even more before EJ is born.

Moving on to a less serious note. We have slowly been getting gifts from people. It’s been so much!

Of course we got the onsies for Christmas that my mom-in-law made for EJ. Then my mom ordered him the Sophia giraffe and a Sophie book.


And then we got these precious little hats. A sweet friend of mine, from my old church in Tennessee, crochets baby hats and things as a ministry. I had told her before that when we have a baby I was going to have her make the baby something. So after we found out about EJ being a boy, I knew I wanted to have her make me a football hat. When I asked her, she also said she was going to make an extra surprise for him. Well, when we got the package a couple weeks later, I was not expecting to find a total of 6 hats in the box! My hubby can attest to the squealing that ensued. haha But seriously! Look these adorable little hats!!! I can’t wait to photograph EJ with all these little hats on! 😀


So of course my head has been filled with what I want EJ’s nursery to look like. We are going to paint the walls light gray, he’s going to have white furniture, there will be splashes of primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) and a few pieces with my favorite houndstooth pattern.

With all of that in mind, I decided to make his mobile. Of course I for my inspiration from Pinterest. haha And this is what I made!


I still need to do a couple of things, but I think it turned out rather nice! I already had the fabric for the circles and the white paint, so I only had to get the ribbon and the needle point hoop. I’m so excited to hang it above his crib! 😀

Last thing. Can I just say being sick while pregnant sucks? I was sick last week. I think I did well with getting over over the crud. I was able to take what I normally take (regular Mucinex). But I followed some great tips from online for pregnant women. 1) 3 times a day I heated up a mixture of lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, coconut oil, and water and drank it. 2) I ate an apple orange and banana every day. 3) I had chicken noodle soup every day and other bland foods through out the day for my meals. 4) I drank lots of water (to that I don’t in the first place).  And a glass of orange juice every day. 5) I used my sinus rinse bottle twice a day for 4 days. 6) I used a humidifier every night (but I had been using it before that). I am so thankful that I got better pretty quickly, because I went out of town  for a few days after.

Anyways, that’s all I have for my 20 week update. 🙂 See you all next post!


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