I’ve had long hair. And I’ve had really short hair. Apparently I can pull off either. Which honestly is a blessing. I know some people can only so really long or really short hair.

Well, I had really short hair 3 years ago and then I decided to grow it out. And grow it out I did. Last year around august or so I said I was going to grow my hair out enough to donate it around May of June of this year.

My dad is who inspired me to grow out my hair and donate because he has done it himself 3-4 times.

So I asked my stylist friend when thought I would have enough hair to donate and she said April. Now being pregnant has been really great to my hair! It’s grown quite a bit and has been really healthy.

Anyways, when I got my maternity pictures scheduled, I scheduled my hair cut right after. lol I was honestly just waiting on my maternity photos to be taken before the big chop. 😛

As the day got closer, I did question a couple of times whether I wanted to get it cut or not. But I was SO ready to have it cut! I was getting a lot of hot flashes from being pregnant, and having so much hair on my neck did not help. It was also annoying because whenever I would sit bit my hair would get caught between the chair and my back. And also when I went to bed or turned over int he middle of the night I would have to constantly pull my hair back.

Yep, I was ready!

The day before my hair cut I my TimeHop app actually had a lot of pictures of me with short hair. I took that as a a good sign. 😛

It was a little nerve wracking getting so much hair cut off at once, but it felt SO good! And not to mention, my friend is an amazing stylist! So I knew my hair would look great when she was done.

In the end I got 12 inches cut off! O_o I was shocked when I measured it! I thought I would maybe have 10, but not 12!!! I am SO happy that my hair will be used to help someone. 🙂

So. What do you think? The collage is of the day I got it cut. The second picture is the day after when I curled it again and the day is right after I dried my hair.

OH! Can I just mention how QUICK it is the wash and dry my hair now!!! HEAVEN!!! lol





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