The Nursery + Update!

First off…I have almost less than 2 weeks till my due date! WHAAAAAAAATTTTT???? Seriously, it feels like this pregnancy has flown by! Especially now that we are in the month that I will give birth to our sweet baby boy in! Crazy crazy!

There have been amazing times, and not so amazing times. Such as last week when we had to deal with the mess our health insurance made for us. But God was faithful and we got it worked out by the end of the week. Let’s just say I never want to have to deal with something like that again. Especially with being so close to my due due.

So today I got to see our baby boy! He was being wiggly during the ultrasound. And I got to see a lot of his face!


For the last almost 8 weeks, I’ve managed to get in 10000 steps every day and track it with my Fitbit. And I’ve also managed to still do my prenatal exercised program, too. I have typically done it 6 days a week, but other the last couple of weeks, I been getting more and more tired, so I’ve cut it down to 5 days week and still getting in 10000 steps a day.

Speaking of getting more tired…holy cow. I am pretty much getting a nap in every day. I even took 2 naps one day. haha I know, I know…get the sleep while I can. And believe me, me and hubby are both getting in our sleep.

Now on to the main reason I am posting…EJ’s Nursery! We got done with it on Monday night. It would have been done sooner, but the crib was causing a problem. See, I like putting together furniture. I put together the nightstand and the glider in his room. And several other things that we have for him. But I could not for the life of me figure out step 1 on the instructions for the crib. And if I can’t figure it out, you KNOW it’s confusing! lol So my dadinlaw came over and my hubby helped put it together.

So without further ado, here is EJ’s nursery! Oh and the main idea was was gray and white with pops of red, yellow, blue, and houndstooth through out the room.

pano-lrHere is an over view of his room when you first walk in

ej_nursery_05Off to your immediate left if his closet. There was not a door, so we used a sheer grey curtain and a tension rod. I think it works out quite well!


Next we have the glider, ottoman, night stand, and bookshelf.

ej_nursery_07 ej_nursery_08 ej_nursery_09 ej_nursery_10

Here are some close ups of the nightstand and what’s on the book shelf. A few things: the lamp shade was originally white and I painted it yellow because I couldn’t a solid yellow lamp shade. and the base is really neat because you can unscrew the top and put things inside of it. WHat I plan on doing is as EJ grows up and I find things in his pockets when doing laundry, I am going to put them in the lamp base. The book shelf was mine when I was growing up. My sisinlaw (my hubbies sister) made the picture with EJ’s first ultrasound picture and the Bible verse. He got lots of books from the baby shower, too. So we have a nice collection started. And the bins at the bottom are for toys and such.

ej_nursery_11 ej_nursery_12 ej_nursery_13

The changing station. The dresser was also mine while growing up. The changing pad cover is houndstooth. I made the mobile. It was originally much longer, but with the low ceiling in his room the strands needed to be cut. I think I am going to do something with them, but I just haven’t figures out yet what that will be. It was inspired by this mobile I found on Pinterest.


And now the crib area! My mominlaw made the blanket. She also made a matching carseat cover and car organizer, too. She definitely knows me, because I loved it immediately! Now the artwork. I painted both the bunny silhouette and the ‘E’. I had so much fun painting the ‘E’! It was a three part process and it turned out SO good! I found the print out on the clip board on this website and the cross at Hobby Lobby. Oh! I have to mention this! I was reading (can’t remember now) somewhere, for the crib mattress, to put on a mattress protector, a sheet, then another mattress protector, and another sheet. So that if there were an accident in the middle of the night, you only need to take of two layers and not have to worry about putting on another mattress protector and sheet in the middle of the night. Great idea, right? Also, we have a big blue rug in the middle of the room. I love how it anchors everything together.

There we have it! What’cha think? I love how his room turned out! 🙂

Now, I probably won’t post again till after EJ is born. SO keep checking back so you can see our sweet bundle of joy with in the next few weeks! WOOHOO!!!


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