2015 in Review

I know that I have not posted since before I had EJ. I promise I will eventually post his birth story. I just need time to write it out. 😉

So here is 2015 in review…

– On the 12 we found out we were having a baby BOY!!!
– Ohio state won the National Championship.

– I went to a photography convention at the beginning of the month with my mom in law.
– Me & Rob celebrated our last Valentine’s day without children.
– I got the stomach flu. Which was awful while being pregnant.

– We got to see EJ in 3D! And now I can say he definitely looked like he did in his sonograms!

– My mom in law photographed my maternity photos.
– I chopped off 12 inches of my hair!
– I went to my due date buddies baby shower!

– Went and saw Plumb and JJ Heller in concert with my mom in law and sis in law.
– My mom in law & sis in law threw me a baby shower! Which was actually on my sis in law’s bday and me and my hubby’s 10 year dating anniversary. It was a very special day! I was so blown away at how much our family and friends blessed us!
– We finished EJ’s room!

– Me and my hubby had our last date before baby came.
– EJ was born!
– We celebrated Rob’s first Father’s day as a daddy! 😀

– EJ celebrated his first 4th of July .
– We had family come visit and meet EJ.
– My parents came towards the end of the month to meet him. It was such a special time!
– We celebrated my youngest nephew turning one!

– We kicked off this month with going to a wedding of one of my hubby’s college friends.
– EJ went with us, so he attended his first wedding. He was SO good!
– EJ went on his first Roadtrip to Dayton for my Grandma’s birthday lunch.
– Then, a few days later we took EJ on a really long road trip. What should have been 12 hours turned in to 19 hours. Because, you know, we had to stop so EJ could be fed. Let’s just saying we will be flying from now on.
– After a little over two months, we finally got to meet EJ’s birthday buddy!

– In the beginning of September EJ went on his first Airplane ride with me to visit my family, again. He did SO well going and coming back! – – —— Unfortunately hubby had to stay home and work.
– We had family photos taken! And got some super cute ones!
– EJ got sick for the first time. 😦

– Went and visited family. My Aunts and Uncles finally got to meet EJ!
– Saw Sanctus Real in concert for the first time and was the last time to see Matt as lead singer.
– Celebrated EJ’s first Halloween! He was Donnatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was SO adorable!!!

– I photographed my first photo session since before I had EJ.
– Celebrated EJ’s first Thanksgiving!

– EJ met Santa and loved him! We got a BIG smile! Now, next year might be a different story…
– EJ’s turned 6 months old! Not sure where half of the year went!
– Celebrated me and my hubby’s wedding anniversary!
– EJ got his 6 month shots on my birthday. 😦 But other than than that I had a great birthday!
– Celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas! Both of which were EJ’s firsts! He got lots of presents!

Well, there you have it. The year 2015 in review. Thank you for taking the time to read! I am so excited for 2016! I have such a great feeling about it!


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