Our 2nd Little Miracle

September 16, 2016. I take an ovulation test because I had a very positive ovulation test the day before. I was checking to see if it was fading like it should. Nope, still very much positive and just as dark as yesterday. I thought it was very odd. For fun, I take a pregnancy test, and to my shock I see a second line start to appear. My first reaction, “HUH?!?!?!?!?! HOW!??!?!?!”

Why was I so shocked?

Remember, before I got pregnant with EJ I was diagnosed with high prolactin due to a tumor on my pituitary gland. I was put on medicine to lower my prolactin, which was successful. It took me two months to get pregnant after being put on that medicine.

I had thought I would needed to be put on that same medicine to help me get pregnant again. And just the day before (the 15th), my Doctor had called in the prescription. It just needed to get picked up once I got my lab result about my prolactin levels (which did come back elevated, but for obvious reasons).

So, when I got that positive pregnancy test, I called my OB and told them what was going on. They put in an order for labs to be done to check my HCG levels. I couldn’t do that till Saturday though.

In the mean time, I called and told my mominlaw, who went and got me a different pregnancy test. Which came back with a big fat YES! I was still baffled because I had what I thought was a normal period two weeks before. Oh and by the way, ovulation tests CAN act as a pregnancy test as they detect both LH & HCG. But obviously it’s not suppose to be used as a pregnancy test.


I probably took like 10 pregnancy tests over that weekend. I still couldn’t believe it. And half convinced myself that it was cancer or something that made my HCG levels rise.


So Monday rolls around, I get my HCG results back and of course it came back very much positive. I still couldn’t believe it. Well, my OB wanted me to have more labs done to see if my numbers doubled in 48 hours. I did that that Monday morning.

Now, Tuesday morning I had a ultrasound on my breast because I had found a lump I wasn’t sure of right before I ovulated and conceived. Everything came back just fine with that, PRAISE GOD! After that I called found out that my numbers had not doubled, but they had risen. My OB wanted me to get an ultrasound at the end of the week to check what was going on. At this point, I was still confused, but a little sad because I was kind of starting to  believe maybe I was actually pregnant.

Early in the afternoon I started cramping. And I just felt off. That’s when I started getting emotional and convinced myself that it was an ectopic pregnancy. I called my OB up again and explained what was going on and she said to go ahead an get an ultrasound that day or the next day. Amazingly, I was able to get in at 5 pm that day.

I was fully prepared for something bad to happen, so when I had that ultrasound and immediately saw the sac and yolk sac, I started crying.

God knew I needed to see the evidence of the miracle he performed for us.

You see, for the last few months, I had been praying this:

“Ok, God, if I’m suppose to get pregnant without medicine, you are going to have to perform a miracle.”

And I laid it at His feet.

Yes, I was prepared to start taking that medicine again. Of which I almost started taking.

Yes, I totally believe some people need medicine and Doctor’s help to get pregnant. I was one of those people. And there is NOTHING wrong with that!

And YES, I do know God can perform miracles as well!

And yet, He still knocked me off my feet when we conceived naturally.

After I saw that start of His little miracle, I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt this baby was going to be fine.

A week later, I had a follow up ultrasound where we got to see the yolk sac more defined, the tiny baby attached to the yolk sac, AND hear his or her heartbeat. 128 beautiful beats per minute!!!


So. It took us 6 years to get pregnant with EJ. It took us 6 months (from the time I stopped breastfeeding) to get pregnant with this little peanut.

Today, I had my first prenatal appointment where we got to see little nugget again. It’s amazing how much he or she has grown! We got to see he or she move a lot during the ultrasound, too. I am 11 weeks and 3 days. My due date is May 20th. And funny enough, my Dad’s birthday!


Here is the photo I took of EJ with the sign letting everyone know our exciting news.


Lastly, I would like to recognize all of the women who are struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and child loss. I will never forget my journey  of infertility and I will most certainly never forget those who have or are going through infertility. If this is you, you and your journey will never be forgotten and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hold on to God as tightly as you can.


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