Pregnancy Essentials

I was thinking today that for future reference I would like to be able to look back and see what I thought my pregnancy essentials were for this pregnancy. I wish I had done the same thing for when I was pregnant with my little boy, but unfortunately I didn’t think of it.

So all of the items below the things that I have loved, am still loving, and plan to use till the end of this pregnancy.

91fY5ZHpcJL._SY679_Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins
I’ve been taking these for years. Before I even got pregnant with EJ. They may not be the best Prenatal Vitamins out there, but for a long time I couldn’t swallow big pills and most prenatal vitamins are pretty big. So when I found Prenatal Gummy’s I was so excited! Yeah, I could be taking other ones now, but I like these too much.

SWL025Swanson Vitamins Ultimate Probiotic Supplement
You’ve probably heard a lot of people talk about how important gut health is over the last couple of years. I started taking these at the beginning of last year and I really believe it has helped my gut health. I think it’s especially important when you’re pregnant. A lot of Prenatal Vitamins these days are actually including probiotics. What I like about this formula are all different organisms.

SWF125Swanson Vitamins Certified 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Yes, I actually have this huge tub of coconut oil. This is actually my second one for this pregnancy alone. I use it for EVERYTHING!!! I put a heaping tablespoon in my oatmeal every morning (and in various others foods that require oil), I rub it on my stomach and chest, I use it to take off my make up and as a moisturizer. There are SO many benefits using coconut oil, especially while pregnant and breastfeeding. I encourage you you Google the benefits!

81gpp2nAv4L._SX522_Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper
I truly believe a pregnancy pillow is essential when you are pregnant. I used this when I was pregnant with EJ, too. It keeps my spine and hips in line so that I don’t wake up in pain. I honestly don’t think I would even get half the sleep that I do if I were to not have this pillow. And let me tell you, sleep while pregnant is a precious thing.

713SyZgdkCL._SX522_BaboCare Belly Band for Pregnancy
It was around week 22 that I realized that I needed some sort of belly support for when I would be on my feet for a long time. I didn’t need one with my first pregnancy, but I definitely needed one this time. I mostly use it when I exercise and go run errands. I’ll also use it when I do A LOT of cleaning. Now, sometimes I forget to put it on before I go run errands and boy do I regret it!! One such time happened today. Talk about being in pain! I am so so thankful for this belly band!! I did try three other belly support bands, but this one was the most comfortable.

16678797_Alt02Liz Lange Maternity Over the Belly Leggings
These leggings are a life saver! What I love the most about these leggings is that you can either pull them over your belly or fold it over for it to be under your belly. With this pregnancy I like things being under my belly. Which is complete opposite of my last pregnancy. It’s funny how things change from one pregnancy to the next!

4630Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil
I just recently got my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils, so I am still fairly new at using Essential Oils. But what I have used so far has been amazing and helpful. Especially Stress Away! It helps promote a calm atmosphere when I’m diffusing it. Let’s be honest, we need as much calm as we can get with me being 7 months pregnant and raising a little boy in full toddler mode. 😉 Not to mention it’s an amazing alternative for perfume!

ashland_40oz_radiantorchid_6_1Contigo AUTOSPOUT Ashland 40 oz Water Bottle
I have been using Contigo water bottles for years! I love them so much! But I just recently found one that was 40 oz AND had a lock on the side. Those two things are what made me get this water bottle real fast! Being pregnant, you are to drink a little more water than you normally would. So the more water I can get in a bottle without having to keep filling it up, the better!! Now the lock…oh the lock! I am very grateful for this lock! lol Our little boy has a kids Contigo water bottle and loves flipping the spout up and down. Sometimes I leave my water bottle out to where he can get to it. So he will flip to spout up and down on mine and then knock it on the ground or take a drink from it. So having the lock so EJ can’t make the spout flip up is a great thing in my book!

3423Young Living Thieves Essential Oil
Yes, another essential oil. lol What can I say?! I’m loving my essential oils! Thieves is great because it is good for immune boosting. And what pregnant doesn’t need something boost her immune system? Once again, it smells so so good!


3743Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner
Being pregnant and raising a toddler, having a house cleaner that is non-toxic is a great thing to have. As you can probably tell by the name is uses the Young Living Thieves Essential Oil. You can use it to clean pretty much your whole house. So when your done, your whole house smells amazing!

unnamedOvia Pregnancy App
I love this app so much!!! I used it when I was pregnant with EJ as well. Though I am more prone to forget to track things this time around than I was with my first pregnancy. lol It’s so very easy to use, too! Every time you open it, it tells you how many weeks and days pregnant you are. It has four different themes that compares the size of your baby to say a food, fruit, or toy so you have a better visual. You can also get daily emails of things that may happening with your baby and your body and things that you can do to get ready for baby.

5330Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser
This diffuser came in Premium Starter kit and I love it so much! I keep it in my kitchen on the counter. I love being able to smell the essential oils it’s diffusing while I’m washing the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher) or just in the kitchen in general. My favorites to diffuse so far are Stress Away, Thieves, Purification & Lemon, and Lavender. I just got Orange EO and can’t wait to diffuse it!

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 5.11.31 PMSeamless Nursing Bras
Even though I’m not nursing yet, these are the most comfortable bras I can wear at the moment. When you’re pregnant your rib cage expands and things can get really uncomfortable. It’s good, too, because I won’t need any other bras for when I do have our little girl.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 6.43.16 PMThe Dia Method Prenatal Exercise Program
I can’t say enough good things about this exercise program! This is my second pregnancy doing The Dia Method. Granted this time around I didn’t start doing it consistently (5 days a week) until 23 weeks. But hey at least I am exercising! I’m even lifting heavier weights and feel so much stronger now than when I started. Don’t worry though, I’m listening to my body. I’m also convinced doing this program is what helped me heal so fast from my c-section when I had EJ and I know it’ll help me this time around, too.


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