Why Essential Oils

collection31817_lr.jpgToday I want to talk to you about why I have chosen to use essential oils for me and my family. I talk a little bit about this in the beginning on my ‘Candid Oiler’. Link is on the top right. I just want to go into my ‘WHY’ a little bit more.

Last year, my little bot got bronchitis 3 times and pneumonia 1 time. The last two times he was sick, he would have one day where it was all worse before it got better and he would be absolutely inconsolable because he couldn’t breathe very well and because he was tired from not getting very much sleep. The only thing that would calm him down enough to sleep was smelling some lavender I put on a tissue. After he got over his pneumonia, I started doing research on what would help him stay healthy and not get sick so much.

It wasn’t until around November or December when I saw my friend Scarlett start talking about Young Living Essential Oils that I started thinking more seriously about how Essential Oils could help our family in staying healthy. See, I knew essential oils would help because I saw how lavender helped my little boy settle down enough to sleep while he was sick. As I started to read more about essential oils, I realized it could be so much more than just helping us stay healthy. It’s was a way for us to get rid of toxic products in our household and be on our way to living a simpler and healthier lifestyle.

Now you may be asking why did I choose Young Living? Several reasons really. They have been around for more than 20 years, they have an amazing selection of single and blended oils, their oils are 100% therapeutic grade, and the biggest reason is their Seed to Seal process.


I read the quote above the other day and it struck a cord with me about this journey that I’d started with Young Living. I have a huge passion in wanting to help other moms, families, individuals, and YOU find out how to live a healthier and more simplistic lifestyle.

It’s amazing the amount of things you can replace in your household when you’re using essential oil. AND they don’t just offer oils, they have household cleaning products, skin and body care, stuff for pets, a whole kids lines of oils and personal care, and even cookware! One of my favorites is the Thieves Household Cleaner. I can clean my whole bathroom with just the cleaner. Bathtub, toilet, counter, and mirrors. You name it, Thieves cleaner can clean it! And it’s NON-TOXIC!! Woohoo!!!

You can also make so many DIY products (but you don’t have to) to replace those products that are toxic. Keep an eye out for blog post on all the DIY products I’ve made so far. Yeah, it can be convenient to go to the store and buy something and granted we are probably not going to be completely toxin-free for awhile, when it comes to the health and wellness of my family I would rather take the time to actually make what we need.

Another amazing thing that I love about this journey is the amazing people I have met and the incredible community I get to be a part of. We also help some amazing people! Like this month every kit that is being sold our team is donating $10 to my friends sweet cousin who is raising money for her son to be able to get a service dog that he desperately needs to soothe his non-verbal autism. I also know that they have also helped with someone’s adoption funds as well. Again, such an AMAZING community!!

I hope this post explained more of why I started using essential oils. If you would like to know more feel free to go to my Candid Oiler page or if you want to personally chat more about essential oils, please  contact me! I hope to chat with you soon!


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